Legislative Activities

Building a Better Industry…One Shop at a Time


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As a united voice through AASP-MN, over 700 independent operators extend their reach, express their views, and shape their own destiny. Our ongoing presence at the State Capitol, before regulatory agencies and within the greater automotive industry has consistently produced direct and positive results for the day-to-day operations of your business. We help ensure the future health of our industry by developing and maintaining relationships with those influencing policy affecting our industry. We keep an eye on legislation as it moves through the complicated process of becoming law. We alert our members to changes in policy that affect their business.

“AASP-MN is well-connected within the legislature and the regulatory agencies that affect our industry. The association monitors and advocates for laws that help us all in our businesses.” – Dale Feste, AAM (Retired), Dale Feste Automotive, Hopkins.

“AASP-MN does a great job of keeping members updated about new and current legislation.” – John Ritter Jr., Highland Autostar Collision Center, St. Paul