Industry Workforce

The Issue of Workforce Permeates the Entire Automotive Service Industry.  The Alliance is committed to helping find solutions and we’re tackling it from numerous angles.


“I would like to thank you for such an easy to use and informative website, Here are a few of the parts I really found helpful:

  • The materials for teachers and counselors were easy to print off.
  • Loved the little bits of information all over the website, they will be easy to use as “teasers” with my students.
  • Thanks for not only including the names of the colleges offering automotive programs, but also a phone number and email address for a contact.
  • The layout left a nice amount of white space, so it did not appear cluttered.
  • You broke the information down into parts, so I could clearly find the section I needed.”

Tracy Zanitsch, Career and College Center Coordinator, Humboldt High School, St. Paul, MN.

Building the Future Workforce with MNCARS

The Alliance spearheaded the creation of Minnesota Careers in Auto Repair and Service (MNCARS), an outreach and marketing initiative designed to raise awareness of career opportunities and recruit young people into Minnesota’s technical college automotive programs (collision repair and auto service) and industry careers. The campaign helps students, parents, teachers and school counselors overcome misperceptions about the automotive service industry and attract qualified candidates into the industry.

Visit to learn more.

Supporting & Selling the Industry

In addition to the work of MNCARS, the Alliance spreads the good word about careers in the automotive industry and jobs in independent shops in a variety of ways, including:

  • Participating in career presentations and career fair exhibits.
  • Reaching out to automotive teachers to offer program support and connect them to local members who want to help.
  • Representing the industry on Advisory Committees of technical college and high school automotive programs.
  • Serving on the Executive Board of the Minnesota Transportation Center, a state-funded initiative to fulfill the workforce needs of the transportation industry through partnerships among business, industry and education.
  • Developing an employee assessment tool that helps members screen job applicants to ensure that they’re a good fit for the shop and effectively manage employees from day one on the job.

The Automotive Education Fund

This fund provides financial resources to support automotive students, enhance automotive programs and raise awareness of career opportunities in the independent automotive service industry.  Find more information on the Automotive Education Fund here.