Careers & Scholarships


Helping the industry attract and retain a qualified workforce is a major area of work for the association and we have undertaken many programs and initiatives to further that cause, including:

– Supporting automotive students with scholarships (over $15,000 in 2018 alone).

– Founding and funding Minnesota Careers in Automotive Repair and Service (MNCARS), an outreach and marketing initiative created to raise awareness of career opportunities and recruit people into technical college automotive education programs (collision and mechanical) and industry jobs. The campaign will help students, parents, teachers and guidance counselors overcome misperceptions about the industry and attract the qualified employees the industry needs.

– Reaching out to high school automotive teachers to offer program support and connect them to local AASP-MN members who want to help.

– Educating school counselors about automotive career opportunities, including an article about automotive careers in the Minnesota School Counselors Association (MSCA) newsletter and participation in the MSCA annual conference.

– Developing an employee assessment tool that helps members screen job applicants to ensure that they’re a good fit for the shop and effectively manage employees from day one on the job.

– Representing the industry on Advisory Committees of technical college and high school automotive programs.

– Serving on the Executive Board of the Minnesota Transportation Center, a state-funded initiative to fulfill the workforce needs of the transportation industry through partnerships among business, industry and education.