Instructor Verification Form

(Required for college students entering the 2nd year of a program and for high school students currently enrolled in an automotive class)

Have your Instructor complete these last two pages and return with the Scholarship Application.

Please type or print clearly

  • Instructions to Instructor:

    For a student to qualify for the AASP-MN scholarship, the verification statement below must be signed by an instructor from the student’s program major. You are the person with the most knowledge pertaining to the student’s academic achievement.

    NOTE: If you fail to complete this form by the application due date, the student is automatically disqualified from being a scholarship candidate. YOUR input is critical.

    Student Information

    On a scale of one to five, (five being the highest), please rank this particular student in the following areas based upon his/her performance in your program.

  • Instructor Verification Statement:

    By digitally signing below I certify that the above-named student is enrolled in my program and is making satisfactory progress. I understand that this student is applying for an AASP-MN Scholarship Award and I recommend this student.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.